Accommodating Like A Pro


This module will provide a high-level solution for how to immediately begin closing the generational gap at work. It explores the importance of helpfulness, explaining why getting good at accommodation is a highly under-utilised skillset that produces significant impacts.

After this module you will:

- Know why accommodating each other is so important.
- Have strategies in place for how to accommodate more frequently.
- Have demonstrated your helpful ways of building bonds cross-generationally.

Reflective Questions:

- When has someone been really accommodating to you, what was that experience like and what can you learn from it? 
- Where are the biggest opportunities at work for you to focus on accommodating someone else?
- What are the two most important commitments you made within the module?


Take some time to build out a strategy for how to implement the two most important commitments you identified in the post-module questions. Incorporating the two commitments over the next 2-3 weeks will allow you to get immersed in the lesson and begin making helpfulness/accommodation a staple behavior.

Adriaan is a futuristic thinker towards Organisational Development within the context of Generational Behaviour patterns.

He is the founding director of the 'Generation Index' and is passionate about Africa and her people. Over his 23 years of cross-border travels, he had the opportunity to visit close to 40 nations, of which the majority were in Africa. His travels and interactions with business and the 'not-for-profit' sector helped him to realise the immense disconnect between generations within the workplace, and the incredible loss of intellectual knowledge due to the lack of engagement between younger and older.

Adriaan believes that Africa is an awakening giant and that her full potential can be realised through her majority population; the young people (67% under the age of 25).

Adriaan holds a Masters degree in Global Leadership; Intercultural Studies from the University of Gloucester, UK.

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