Adriaan Adams, the founder of Generation Index, is available for guest talks. 

Adriaan is passionate about people and the creation of optimal corporate culture. He spent more than twenty years travelling to numerous countries to interact with various businesses and NPOs. These interactions inform his talks in which he addresses both the disconnect between generations in the workplace, and the loss of knowledge and skills transfer that takes place due to lack of engagement between older and younger generations.

With 67% of the population in Africa under the age of 25, Adriaan believes that by fostering healthy multi-generational work environments, a platform will be created for the passion of the young to connect with wisdom of the old, and collectively unleash an opportunity for Africa to reach its full potential.

What people say:

Lauren Davis (Career Development Programme Coordinator / Accelerated Education Enterprises): I found the content very relevant and different from the conventional thoughts of what each generation does/is.

Herman Groenewald: I have found it well researched from an Africa base, and very practical in the South African context.

Christopher McCully (HR Generalist / BBD Software Development): I really love the in-depth yet touch base nature that you applied in the workshop presentation, and felt that although it touched the base it gave me enough information to understand and go home to research things a bit further and to understand Generation Z a little bit more. The content shared is insightful around the matter, and very related to the work and the people I work with.

Illana de Wet (Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychologists): The delegates truly enjoyed these fresh perspectives on the various generations in the workplace. It created awareness for us on what to expect with Gen Z entering the workspace, as well as how to improve engagement with the other generations.

Adriaan is a futuristic thinker towards Organisational Development within the context of Generational Behaviour patterns.

He is the founding director of the 'Generation Index' and is passionate about Africa and her people. Over his 23 years of cross-border travels, he had the opportunity to visit close to 40 nations, of which the majority were in Africa. His travels and interactions with business and the 'not-for-profit' sector helped him to realise the immense disconnect between generations within the workplace, and the incredible loss of intellectual knowledge due to the lack of engagement between younger and older.

Adriaan believes that Africa is an awakening giant and that her full potential can be realised through her majority population; the young people (67% under the age of 25).

Adriaan holds a Masters degree in Global Leadership; Intercultural Studies from the University of Gloucester, UK.

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