Generation Index has partnered with SyncLX to bring you the latest in online training.
Each course is specifically selected and developed with the purpose to increase your organisation's effectiveness towards creating a healthy InterGenerational work environment.
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Understanding Generations

A brief look into who the generations are, the beliefs they possess, and the preferences they have when it comes to work.

Rethinking Collaboration

Learn how psychological safety, having the right people doing the right things, and Gallup’s engagement insights can be leveraged to harness world-class teamwork.

Communicating Across Generation

Review the different preferences each generation has with regards to communication and what can be done to help bridge the gap at work.

Reverse Mentoring

Learn the value of allowing a junior team member to enter into a "professional friendship" with someone more senior; exchange skills, knowledge and understanding.

Stop Stereotyping

The dangers associated with stereotyping. Why it has a negative impact at work and what you can do to prevent it from occurring.

Accommodating Like a Pro

Why helpfulness is a skillset we all need to master. This module focuses on the art of accommodation and provides best practices to ensure you are being supportive of others.
Whether you’re an organization intent on delivering premier learning experiences to your team or an individual looking to take your professional development seriously, we’d be delighted to serve you.

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Curriculum Designed For Modern Work

Digital-Age Professionals require training that is:

Easily Applicable – Lessons are immediately actionable at work.

Micro – Bite sized lessons to keep learners engaged.

Collaborative – Social interaction driven within the lessons.

Feedback Focused – Coaching and follow up included

Drive Engagement With Follow Up

People increase their chances of achieving their goals by 95% when they have a specific accountability appointment with someone they’ve committed to.

Generation Index provides coaching, feedback, and post-course follow up, to ensure learners are committed and growing.

Maximize Outcomes
Through Experience

Boring isn’t memorable. Powerful learning experiences are.

Which is why Sync Learning Experiences puts the learners' experience first. Drawing people in with captivating lessons that stick.

Learn from the best

The course curriculum is research-based and market-tested. Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, and many more world-renowned thought leaders offer their expertise in each lesson.

Why Generation Index & SyncLX?

Here are 3 good reasons why you and your organisation should connect with us, and use SyncLX as your preferred online learning platform to establish a healthy InterGenerational work environment. 

Redefining E-Learning

E-learning has been delivered in the same way for over two decades. Bad acting, out of style slides, lengthy content, and quantitative questioning. This recipe for digital learning no longer works.

SyncLX is redefining how to learn in a virtual environment. With an entirely different approach to developing and delivering digital courses, SyncLX is on the cutting edge of digital learning. 

One Lesson Learnings

Content overload is way too common within most courses. SyncLX strips out all the “fluff” to ensure only the most important lessons are included in any given topic. Making the lessons easy to remember and backed by activities, helps to ensure high levels of retention.

Post Training Support

Through the partnership between Generation Index and SyncLX, a lot of emphases is placed on what happens after the training event. Once an online course is completed or a live workshop is over, THAT is when the magic needs to happen. We put strategy behind every learning experience we curate to ensure that after the experience is over the learner is motivated to benefit from the learning in the most productive ways.

Contact us...

For a Tailor-Made Solution that meet the needs of your Organisation, contact us at:

Phone: +27 82 770 5310

Adriaan is a futuristic thinker towards Organisational Development within the context of Generational Behaviour patterns.

He is the founding director of the 'Generation Index' and is passionate about Africa and her people. Over his 23 years of cross-border travels, he had the opportunity to visit close to 40 nations, of which the majority were in Africa. His travels and interactions with business and the 'not-for-profit' sector helped him to realise the immense disconnect between generations within the workplace, and the incredible loss of intellectual knowledge due to the lack of engagement between younger and older.

Adriaan believes that Africa is an awakening giant and that her full potential can be realised through her majority population; the young people (67% under the age of 25).

Adriaan holds a Masters degree in Global Leadership; Intercultural Studies from the University of Gloucester, UK.

Contact us:
+27 82 770 5310

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