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Customised equipping workshops to prepare you and your organisation with a deeper knowledge on how to create a healthy InterGenerational work environment.

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Each training workshop is specifically designed according to the needs and requirements of your organisations. 

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To effectively equip and empower HR, Talent and Change managers to have an in-depth understanding of generation behavior in the workplace, as well as how to create a healthy InterGenerational work environment.

Areas of Focus

Although a broad focus on generation behaviour will be applied, the following aspects will receive a deeper and more intentional focus:

  • Why InterGenerational culture matters.
  • Youth in business / social structures.
  • Creating a culture of Personal Development.
  • Creating a Culture of Change.
  • Creating a Culture of Engagement.
  • Creating a Culture of Community.

Topics Covered

  • How is generation behaviour influencing the existing work culture?
  • Who are the generations in the workplace?
  • Advantages of an InterGenerational work environment.
  • How is a generation defined?
  • From worldview to behaviour.
  • Develop a relational spiral towards an InterGenerational work environment.
Adriaan is a futuristic thinker towards Organisational Development within the context of Generational Behaviour patterns.

He is the founding director of the 'Generation Index' and is passionate about Africa and her people. Over his 23 years of cross-border travels, he had the opportunity to visit close to 40 nations, of which the majority were in Africa. His travels and interactions with business and the 'not-for-profit' sector helped him to realise the immense disconnect between generations within the workplace, and the incredible loss of intellectual knowledge due to the lack of engagement between younger and older.

Adriaan believes that Africa is an awakening giant and that her full potential can be realised through her majority population; the young people (67% under the age of 25).

Adriaan holds a Masters degree in Global Leadership; Intercultural Studies from the University of Gloucester, UK.

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